Smart Testing Platforms for Mobile, Web and IoT


Our Smart software test platform help agile teams test applications faster than any traditional tool and release to market with more confidence. We are constantly trying to push boundaries by using cutting edge technology (AI and natural language processing for instance) to build innovative features like Scriptless tool-agnostic test automation, ability to test your app on real devices in cloud, automated visual UI tests and distributed test execution on cloud

We measure the success of our products by two factors: How much time we saved for our customers by accelerating their testing initiatives...And how much easier we made it for manual testers and SMEs to create, maintain, execute and analyze their automated tests.

  • Opkey

    The enterprise Test Automation Platform for Agile and DevOps

    By following the principles of Automated Test First development, OpKey enables manual testers and SMEs in Agile teams to write automated tests as the features are being developed. Then using its patent pending Tool Agnostic engine, Opkey executes these tests with any automation tool that you have (selenium, HP UFT, Sahi, IBM RFT or any of the 8 tool that we support). You can execute your tests locally, on OpKey CLoud or popular servcies like Sauce Labs and Browser Stack

    You can test AJAX, Mobile (native, web and Hybrid) REST and SOAP, databases and windows desktop based application with OpKey


    Web, Mobile, Services

    KPI Based Reports

    Business Process Testing

    Tool Agnostic

    CI and ALM

    Distributed Testing

    Opkey on Cloud